What is Ready-mix-concrete?

Ready-mix-concrete or also known as RMC is a type of concrete that is manufactured in a factory. That is the same reason why RMC is a very desirable concrete that most contractors use. Usually RMC mixture is a lot more precise and has a higher quality since its being created under specially controlled conditions. One advantage of RMC is that it can be casted into different shapes which works well with contractors.

What’s in RMC?

RMC usually consists of cement, water and aggregates. Cement of course being the most important ingredient because this lends concrete its resistance. Aggregates are usually 60-70% of the volume, these are gravel, sand and crushed stones.


RMC is ideal for any job!

RMC is really ideal in any size jobs. Either the job is limited in space or there is little room to mix aggregate stockpiles, RMC is the way to go. You can ask contractors about it and they will say the same thing.

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