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There was a time that shopping online was something that we can’t imagine. Before, we usually use the internet to search on products we want and then proceed to go to a Mall to buy it. That was our process, that’s how we used to shop.

When Lazada was launched back in 2012, no one thought that they will be the leading e-commerce website in the Philippines. Now you can actually purchase almost anything under the sun using just your mobile phone. Imagine purchasing clothes, shoes, appliances, electronic gadgets and a lot more on the internet. If I said that 5 years ago, people might think it will be impossible. But here we are! All the big brands are going all online.

The New Normal

This where our new normal comes in. Since we have to practice Social Distancing, a lot of people would rather stay at home. More and more businesses are switching to digital, meaning that they are bringing their business online so that they can accommodate people who are staying at home.

When COVID started early this year, no one thought how it will impact our lives and how it will impact different businesses. With no vaccine in sight, the usual things that we do before like strolling in the mall, doing window shopping, eating in restaurants or meeting up with friends in a coffee shop are all gone. Now we just go outside if it’s really necessary.

Since most of the people are now working at home, some businesses began evolving towards selling online. From fine dining restaurants to even car purchasing can now be done online. There are a lot of advantages shopping online.

  • Convenient (Can be accessible anywhere as long as you have internet connection)
  • Better prices.
  • Variety
  • Anytime of the day

Yello PH is an e-commerce website that sells construction materials.

In an industry like construction, we usually think that buying materials should be done on a actual hardware. But the new normal and for the convenience of the customers, buying construction materials online is the way to go. Yello PH is an e-commerce website that sells contstruction materials. This is a great an example of business that we thought that cannot exist online. So imagine, you are at your home and you wanted to check prices for Mariwasa Tiles or Fiber cement boards, so instead of going out to your local hardware, you can just visit Yello PH on your mobile phone and you can see all the sizes and designs all under your fingertips. Now shopping for construction materials is made easy for you.

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