Do you want to increase your sales and get free marketing of your products online?

Give your company details to YELLO and be part of its growing Partner network. YELLO will help you market and sell your products online through its various range of customers. We have our own team who will push in selling your products.

About Us

YELLO, a product of SCG Builk One Philippines, is an online store ofconstruction and building materials for Small Medium Enterprise Contractors.The online platform was born to help increase the profits for the construction businesses in the Philippines.

Why Partner with Yello?

Yello, will serve as an additional platform for your business to increase its awareness and sales.

Qualifications and Requirements

Any registered company that supplies construction and building materials are welcomed to be our Partner.


  1. SEC Registration (for Corporation)
  2. DTI Business Registration (for Single Proprietorship)
  3. BIR Form 2303
  4. Company Business Permit
  5. Latest Audited Financial Statement
How to become a Partner?